Brilliant You Tube Cartoons of The Real Housewives!

There is a young cartoonist I recently found, who does the most amazing cartoon parodies of the Real Housewives … they are very well done, will make you laugh your ass off … and give us all a much needed lighter view of all of the insanity that is THE REAL HOUSEWIVES! Please support this […]

MOB WIVES – Karen’s “REAL” Agenda??

Photo courtesy of  TV Guide. Having just watched Season 2, Ep.5 of Mob wives, and let me just say I lovelovelove this show! , I want to so badly give Karen a hypodermic needle in that wide rump of hers (double the dose), wait til she passes out and ship her back to Arizona. I […]

Thoughts on Cedric’s outing of Lisa and Ken?

I honestly don’t know what to think of Cedric, or his attempts to harm Lisa and Ken.  From what little I saw of him in Season One, it appears that he had a fairly cushy lifestyle.  I don’t know many people who have a 3000′ “cottage” to themselves for free.  He was well fed, clothed, […]


Hello world!

I’ve started this blog for all of those who follow the Real Housewives of any city.  This is a friendly, safe place to share your views, thoughts and perspectives.  Disrespecting fellow posters will not be tolerated.  All comments are moderated to the best of  my ability. If you see something that you feel may be […]