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MOB WIVES – Karen’s “REAL” Agenda??


Photo courtesy of  TV Guide.

Having just watched Season 2, Ep.5 of Mob wives, and let me just say I lovelovelove this show! , I want to so badly give Karen a hypodermic needle in that wide rump of hers (double the dose), wait til she passes out and ship her back to Arizona.

I am unsure whether it took balls or stupidity for Karen to return to a place where she is loathed by the old school for what her father did.  At this point, I’m going with stupidity.  She doesn’t give on iota for any of these women – they are nothing more than grist for her book .. so that she can profit from her father’s gangster reputation, and that of the women who are the real stars of the show – who are actually wives!  Has she ever had a real job??

When Karen first returned to Staten Island, she commented on the fact that Drita (my heroine) now “looked like a Mob Wife”.  Karen stated that her only wish was to reconcile with the women, and write her book.  Karen looks more like a tart who tries to fit into clothes that are too small for her, than a Mob Wife (which she isn’t).

What has transpired since her return, is her agenda to attempt to make Drita feel guilty for “stealing her man” … sorry had to stop while I was choking with laughter (hard to type and guffaw at the same time!) – walking around like the stump of a woman she unfortunately is, like she is all that and more.  Um … what happened to the “I’m just here to write my book”?

When she followed Renee outside to confront her, and said to Renee that she was too weak to stand up to her father and use her own mind to make her own decisions, I thought ok .. Karen’s not too bad … but my gut told me to wait …

And …sure enough!  Karen showed her true colours with her unresolved issues coming into the light about how she resents Drita.  I wonder if Karen ever watches these episodes afterward?  Does she see how immature and ridiculous she sounds and appears?  Probably not!

Now … it’s bad enough that she dreamt up this war with Drita, and has caused unnecessary friction to gain attention (albeit negative), she attends Renee’s birthday party, and yet again, causes drama by provoking Drita, and with the help of the idiot Ramona.  If Karen had truly wanted reconciliation with Drita, she would either not have brought Ramona to the party (she simply showed her fear of Drita by doing that), or she would have told Ramona to get back and let her deal with Drita alone.  She did neither.

Karen continues to cause conflict like it’s a vitamin that she has to have on a daily basis.  When confronting Carla at the restaurant in this latest episode, I was dumbfounded at the speed in which Karen went from “I hate you” to ” I like you! lololol … Now, if it weren’t for that fact that Karen is a mother of a young girl, I’d say whatevah you crazy woman! … but the sad fact is, she is a mother and her erratic and imo, suffering from borderline personality disorder, is nothing short of  embarrassing.  I felt embarrassed for her!

Let me address the issue of Karen leaving her daughter behind.  I don’t buy Karen’s excuse that she just wanted to get the lay of the land and settle in before bringing her daughter up to Staten Island.  No Karen, you just want to enjoy the single life as the daughter of a rat gangster .. to belong to the group … to get back at them all for what you perceive they did to you by ousting you so many years ago.

What happened to you writing your book?  Don’t even try to convince the viewers that your immature threats of violence are simply to give your book more meat or authenticity.  You are all about YOU and YOU alone.

Why are  you even on the show?  You’re not a wife!  You are nothing but a bully, hoping for stardom and fame on the coattails of Renee, Drita and Carla – being the daughter of a gangster (rat or not) is nothing to be proud of.  Your behavior thus far does nothing to give  you credibility, which, if you hope for good sales with your book – is necessary (imo).

Perhaps you need to take a look in the proverbial mirror and get your daughter back, perhaps get some exercise in the gym, and show some discipline by writing that book you keep blabbering on about.   Walk your talk lady.


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